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A Message From Quincy & Sirena

Hello !

We have recently moved our site to Onlinebizinformation.com for a better user experience !

We will continue to provide you with Golden Content just on this new site.

This WordPress Blog will No longer be updated as of March 15,2013.

Thank you !

Quincy & Sirena


About Online Biz Information

Online Biz Information is comprised of Quincy Amarikwa and Sirena Williams. Between the two of them there is over 10 years experience in Online Marketing Training, Online Bussiness Building, SEO optimization, Paid Advertising and More. If you are looking for a talented team to inform you on How to Improve your business then you have come to the right spot. The topics covered on this blog will blow your mind ! And get you in the right direction of improving your bussiness online. If that is what you are looking to do. Outside of helping others with their financial endeavors online, Quincy and Sirena are both Proffessional Atheltes. Quincy Amarikwa Graduate out of UC Davis, with a Bachelor of Science in Pre Med emphasis in EXB. Offline I'm currently a 4th year soccer player in Major League Soccer. MLS Cup Champion *oh yeah* and currently playing for Toronto FC. Online, I'm here to not only teach you what it is I do to build my additional income outside of work (if you call playing soccer work lol), but to bring you along my journey as a Professional Soccer Player. (My true life's passion)​ I have much knowledge to share with you, but am never to successful to not always be actively learning and refining the tricks of the trade!​ Let me help you to achieve your goals! Sirena Williams Graduate out of UC Davis, with a Bachelor of Science in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity. And no I don’t play tennis! Offline, I'm currently pursuing my professional athletic career as a 100 Hurdler for Rahn Sheffield Elite Track club! How bad is that ! Outside of track, I have my own app The Starter and I'm also an independent distributor for Lifevantage and I love it ! Online, not only do I plan to help you achieve your financial and business goals, BUT I also hope to introduce a track style unknown, informative health and exercise tips, my random thoughts and cool things I​'ve learned and continue to learn on a daily basis! Pretty much almost anything goes when it comes to lessons in life ! Whatever I feel might help you along the way I will be eager and ready to share!​ Follow me in your online marketing endeavors and on my journey to the Olympics 2016 ! My ultimate goal/dream ! This is going to be a fun ride, will you be along for the ride, or looking on from the sidelines?? Well that’s all I have for you ! I hope you enjoy ! Fee free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ! Im open to questions, teaching and learning new things !


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